Our Company Profile:
Magnetic Components, Inc.

Established: 1943
EIA Code: 166
Military Cage Code: 50508
Business Type: Small Business
SIC Code: 3677
NAICS Code: 334416 & 335311
HS Code: 8504314035 & 8504314065

Quality Commercial and Military Transformers
Magnetic Components, Inc.
Cost and Pricing:

We work hard with our suppliers to help keep material pricing down and provide the customer with the best possible pricing. We examine our production processes constantly to develop better and more efficient ways to produce our product thereby helping to reduce the overall cost of our product.

Customer Service:

We pride ourselves on personal contact with our customer. Our customer service is excellent since we provide quick and thorough response to the customer's needs via phone, FAX or email. When you call, you will speak with someone who can guide you to the appropriate person to help you with your needs. You will not get voicemail during regular working hours.


We manufacture all products to adhere to the stringent military quality system  MIL-I-45208. We test our transformers throughout the production process from winding, coil finishing and laminating stages. We also 100% final test our product before it is shipped. 
Transformer winding available:
    Paper Layer Machine Winding (our specialty!)
    Paper Layer Hand Winding (for heavy gauge wire)
    Toroidal Machine Winding (up to approximately 2" O.D.)
    Toroidal Hand Winding? (Maybe?)
    Bobbin Machine Winding
    Bobbin Hand Winding (for heavy gauge wire)
    Air Core Hand Winding
Transformer specification ranges available:
    Up to 5 KVA, 50/60 Hz
    400 Hz for Military Applications
    Audio Frequency Range Up To 20 kHz
    Typical Operating Voltage Limits is approximately 2000 Volts
    Maximum test voltage at 6000 Volts
    Others possible

Transformer types available:
    Power Transformers
    Audio Transformers
    Chokes and Reactors
    Toroidal Wound Inductors, Saturable Reactors, Converters & Inverters
    3 Phase Transformers
    Constant Voltage Transformers
    Pulse Transformers
    EI, UI, Ferrite and Toroidal Core Transformers
    Many More
Delivery and Order Processing:

Our lead time for a typical commercial transformer is 5-6 weeks after receipt of the initial order. We support most types of purchase orders, including blanket type orders. If you have an existing blanket type purchase order, we can typically ship some quantity of the order within 48 hours of your shipment request. In addition, we are flexible with individual release quantity scheduling as long as you take the full ordered quantities within one year of the order date. Do you need Just-In-Time delivery? Let us know the date you need it. We will accommodate all reasonable requests!  

In Conclusion:

Our quality assurance system, Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery support capabilities, excellent customer service and very competitive pricing will differentiate us from our competition. We would be glad to help you with your custom transformer requirements.  .
About Us: Magnetic Components, Inc. has been manufacturing transformers in the Chicago area since 1943. We maintain a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility. We pride ourselves as being a small, family owned and operated transformer company located right here in the Chicago area, the original home of the USA transformer industry.  
We manufacture the following transformer product types:
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